My name is Matthew McCarthy, and I am currently serving as the Business, Computer, & Information Technology teacher at Richboro Middle School. I am greatly looking forward to meeting the a new crop of students at RMS, and hope to interact daily with both the students themselves in school, and their families at home via this site.



My Background

I am a native of Bucks County, growing up in Langhorne, in the Neshaminy School District. After 8th grade, I attended high school at Holy Ghost Prep in Bensalem. HGP was a great experience for me: I grew immensely as a student and a maturing young adult, played basketball (you’ll read why that’s significant in a few moments), graduated with honors, and, as every educational institution hopes, left a lasting impression on my alma mater for future generations!

From HGP, I attended Bloomsburg University of PA for four several years. During my undergraduate career, I doubled majored in History and Secondary Education, minored in French, and picked up a concentration in Instructional Technology. I completed my student-teaching practicum in Council Rock School District at Richboro Middle School during the Spring 2012 semester, studying/teaching with Mr. Fitzpatrick on Team Discovery.

My time at BU was equally divided among 3 main focuses: my studies, my job, and my social life. I joined a fraternity my freshman year, and from that decision emanated my rather permanent nickname “Harry Potter.” The fraternity helped me make a number of terrific and useful connections, including landing me a job in the Residence Life Office at BU for a number of years. I loved working at BU, and learned much from those experiences.

I stayed at BU for my graduate career, choosing to study curriculum supervision and instructional technology. I received my Masters degree in August 2012, and started substitute teaching not soon thereafter.

In August 2013, I substituted in Council Rock School District at all levels. In December 2013, I started as the Computer Technology teacher at Richboro Middle School, and finished the school year in that position. Then in August 2014, I started teaching Computer Technology & Business at Carl Sandburg Middle School in the Neshaminy School District. But I returned “home” once more to RMS in September 2015.


My “Ness”

Computer technology is a passion of mine. I am not an athletic person, which only made my basketball career…both painful and pathetic. No worries, it was only 1 game. But to be more fair, it was less than 4 minutes of game play. I do love computers though! I am well versed in several coding languages, and sometimes design websites and smartphone apps to make my life easier.

I am also an avid cook. I love to eat, and I started cooking to eat the foods I loved the most more frequently! Reading and television shows and movies are another huge vice of mine. NETFLIX is my one true God, to be sure. I probably could not live without it!