Desktop Publishing: Object Basics [1]

Welcome to 8th grade computer class at Richboro Middle School! While the beginning of today was for setup, we jumped right into our first unit: desktop publishing and graphic design.


There was no “official” warm-up activity today. Unless you count our catching up. Then sure, we caught up goings-on at RMS for our warm-up today. In fact, we used Nearpod to draw a picture of your “idea” of the perfect lunch. Sushi, spaghetti, cheesesteaks: we were all over the place.


Learning Targets

  1. Insert shapes and text into a Publisher document.
  2. Arrange and move objects between layers.
  3. Edit text and shape properties.

Everyone received a copy of our class syllabus: a document outlining our course topics, expectations and rules, instructor information, information for home, and tips for success. By reviewing this document, students were introduced to their first homework assignment for our third meeting: return a signed syllabus and bring a folder to class. This is our first opportunity to earn some class points!

Seeing as how we know each other, we hopped directly into some material. Our first unit together is “Desktop Publishing.” For this unit, our focus will be on using Microsoft Publisher, a desktop publishing program available in the Microsoft Office software bundle. We started class by using the template finder in Publisher to find an award or certificate, download it, and award it to ourselves. And I was pretty impressed with your awards! I have no problem signing off on the “World’s Best Singer” and “World’s Best Student!” Bravo for rewarding yourself!

Then we jumped into the program to get ready for today’s big activity. We looked at to work with individual layers in a Publisher document, how objects (such as pictures, text boxes, and shapes) exist in different layers, and those layers can be rearranged. We practiced using text boxes with our first and last names, and shapes. With our text, we explored a publishing setting called “tracking,” which is the amount of space in-between each letter of a word. With the shapes, we changed how they looked by affecting the filloutline, and shape effects like shadow and glow. Then we practiced working with layers by rearranging all of the objects on top of each other, and then moving objects between the layers.

We were also able to start our first in-class assignment: designing a vector graphic of an animal using only shapes and lines. This will be a super difficult task, so we will take some time next week to really dig down into it.

Here is our presentation from today for a review:

Daily Reminders

  1. Return your signed syllabus on Thursday, May 10, 2018. Be sure to indicate if there are any issues regarding access to technology at home.
  1. Nothing to report.